GOOVIS G3 MAX + Portable Stream Media Player
GOOVIS G3 MAX + Portable Stream Media Player
GOOVIS G3 MAX + Portable Stream Media Player
GOOVIS G3 MAX + Portable Stream Media Player
GOOVIS G3 MAX + Portable Stream Media Player
GOOVIS G3 MAX + Portable Stream Media Player
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, GOOVIS G3 MAX + Portable Stream Media Player
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, GOOVIS G3 MAX + Portable Stream Media Player
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, GOOVIS G3 MAX + Portable Stream Media Player
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, GOOVIS G3 MAX + Portable Stream Media Player
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, GOOVIS G3 MAX + Portable Stream Media Player

GOOVIS G3 MAX + Portable Stream Media Player

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GOOVIS G3 Max is the most advanced 5K OLED HMD, which features a 2560*1440 high resolution, 3528PPI, FOV 65°, and offers you an incredible immersive cinematic and gaming experience with high image quality, no edge blurry nor screen door effect. Built-in intelligent chip and cutting-edge speakers, G3 Max can bring you a real Blu-ray 3D experience. G3 Max has diopter and pupillary distance adjustments for optimum viewing comfort.The GOOVIS G3 Max adopts the most advanced Micro-OLED displays, providing the most delicate and smooth visual experience for the user. It is equivalent to a 1000-inch ultra-clear giant screen effect at a distance of 20 meters. With the best FOV 65° for an immersive viewing angle, allows you to enjoy the stunning feeling of an IMAX giant screen movie anytime and anywhere.The GOOVIS G3 Max can achieve a resolution of 2560*1440, giving you full detail in highlights and shadows. Compared to ordinary displays, the G3 Max can provide you with a clearer, smoother, and more delicate picture quality experience.G3 Max achieves a perfect balance between FOV PPI and PPD, with a high resolution of 3528 PPI and 46 PPD. There's no screen door effect when watching or playing video games. Every detail can be seen clearly, giving you an unprecedented visual experience.The G3 Max adopts a single-eye 6-piece 0.83" mixed aspheric lens (ASPH), which improves the image clarity, and reduces visual distortion and narrow field of view, resulting in clearer, more comfortable, natural and realistic visual effects.G3 Max uses DCI-P3, covering a larger area of color space visible to the human eye, and a higher level of color accuracy than others. You'll get a vibrant, vivid image full of life and sharpness without loss of detail.The G3 Max's powerful 100,000:1 dynamic contrast makes every detail of the picture stand out, while not causing eye strain or fatigue. The colors of our screens are more vibrant and brighter, which enhances your movie-grade experience. Compared to watching movies in a theater, G3 Max can present a better picture. The G3 Max has a screen refresh rate of up to 120Hz and a response time of <0.01ms. It can automatically recognize dynamic images when playing videos and competitive games, resulting in a smooth and seamless viewing experience with no trailing images. These powerful improvements can elevate your movie and gaming experience to a new level.In addition to being able to play 2D movies, there is also a more powerful function that supports 3D Blu-ray, so you can enjoy a large number of high-quality 3D movies anytime, anywhere. Compared to watching 3D movies in a theater with 3D glasses, no extra glasses are required with G3 max and it can display flawless 3D movies as long as the source is 3D. On top of high-quality images, sound is also an important part of immersive viewing. With the built-in speakers, G3 Max provides dynamic surround sound. On G3 Max, adjust the sound volume to 10 levels using the volume knob. The device also has a 3.5mm headphone jack and Bluetooth, so that you can use your own headphones and immerse yourself in your media without interrupting other people around you. G3 Max is compatible with smartphones, tablets, PC, and gaming consoles, including Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation. With G3 Max, you are able to watch a movie on the bed without holding a smartphone.GOOVIS Wireless Cast supports Type-C and HDMI. Extend your favorites to two displays and enjoy high-efficient working, fluent group meetings, social sharing and more!The design of the G3 Max combines beauty and practicality. G3 Max adopts the gravity balance and pressure distributed head-mounted design. Pressure is evenly distributed in different positions of the head, greatly reducing the pressure on the face and you won't feel fatigued even with prolonged use. The headset can also be flipped up for easy wearing. 

The compact appearance of the G3 Max is designed for long periods of movie watching and gaming. It weighs only 300g which is the lightest in its class. 

In order to provide a comfortable wearing experience, the G3 Max is equipped with a detachable silicone face mask which is soft on the face and comfortable. It can also block out ambient light completely, allowing for a more immersive experience without causing fatigue during extended entertainment and gaming sessions. What if you wear glasses and want to use the G3 Max? Don't worry, we have taken this into account. The G3 Max is equipped with 2D~-7D diopter adjustment and 56mm-72mm adjustable pupillary distance, so you can adjust it according to your own parameters and needs. The value of adjustment is also clearly displayed on the screen.A top-notch cooling airflow system and special lens structure guarantee the best wearing and viewing experience without sacrificing the clarity and resolution of the displayed images.The G3 can be with a travel bag, perfect for storing the G3 Max and accessories.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
feras Tayfour
All Good but !

For a G3 MAX order.. we expected to have a carry Case to hold everything together !
Tested them, though ,and the image quality and size are very good
Had to mention that the media player requires: "File manager app" to be able to read and move files to/ from the M.SD card

Excellent image quality, comfortable, easy to use. A couple of minor issues.

I would like to give 4.5 stars, but that is not an option. Because the overall experience has been excellent, I went with 5 stars.

First, I ordered from Goovislife, the distributor located in Hong Kong. The transaction was smooth and I received my unit quickly.

As the title of the review states, the image quality is very impressive. The lenses have nearly perfect edge to edge clarity, and I have not experienced eye strain. The build quality is nice, especially the diopter adjustments, which are very smooth. I spent about 15 minutes setting up the IPD (interpupillary distance) and adjusting the strap length for best fit. It was time well spent. The unit is very comfortable to wear, and I have no problem watching a full length movie.

As others have noted, the onboard audio is not acceptable. This is not a problem for me, as I always use earbuds.

The media player has android tv loaded and works very well with the included remote. My only complaint with the android TV is that I have not been able to connect to hotel Wi-Fi when a login screen is required. I would have expected the Wi-Fi login page to automatically pop up when connecting, but instead there is a message stating no internet connection. I also use a microSD card loaded into the media player to watch movies. This also works well.

Minor issue 1:
The strap has to be removed to properly fit into the case (excellent, and purchased separately). This means undoing the Velcro each time you set up. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to get the Velcro set exactly the same each time. After a quick readjust, everything is perfect again. Not a big deal, and if you don’t use the case, this will not be an issue.

Minor issue 2:
The face mask is very flexible and comfortable. But, because the face mask is designed to fit many different sizes and shapes of face, the fit is not perfect. I have a small, narrow face, so there is light leakage from the sides. Again, not a big issue, but there will be glare on the lenses if you have a light source coming from the sides. Also, if your face is better suited to the size and shape of the mask, you will have no issue.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my Goovis G3 Max (with media player) purchase and highly recommend. Thanks Goovis!

Trent Smith
Goovis G3 Max

This has been the best experience for 4k streaming content and 1080p 120hz gaming I have had. I can wear it for a few hours at a time and feel no pressure on my nose area unlike many glasses like the TCL NXTWEAR S plus or Legion glasses. The screen is bigger than those mentioned glasses and watching 4k 60hz netflix on these is like a portable cinema third row from the front row which is perfect although if that's too close for you it can be shrunk via the D4 steaming device in Google TV settings. Very happy customer and have pre ordered the G3x also. Shipping was the fastest I have ever experienced with an online order I believe it took 3 days to be delivered to my door I couldn't actually believe it. If you have the money you won't be sorry.

Antonio javier Mas Vila

He enviado 4 imails diciendo que el stream media player se me apaga a los minutos de encenderla y no he recibido contestación alguna, las gafas funcionan perfectamente con mi móvil, solo pido que me cambien el imiia android tv, por favor, o que me contesten, gracias

Very good

No problem
Very Nice


GOOVIS Pro is our premium product for the best cinematic experience. Be anywhere and plug-in to your phone, computer, console, or more to live immersed in big-screen quality entertainment with a head-mounted display no bigger than a pair of ski goggles. It's our most comfortable HMD yet, with brilliant color and twin 1920 X 1080 M-OLED display for an astonishing 800" virtual screen experience viewed from 66' away.

Enjoy Contents Like Never Before

With an 800" Virtual Screen, GOOVIS makes you feel like sitting in the center of a cinema, playing games, watching movies.

Enjoy your own private cinema on airplane and at home.

2D 3D 2K 4K Blu-ray Video Formats All Covered

GOOVIS Pro supports 2D and 3D videos from 2K to Blu-ray for a premium experience.

42 Pixels Per Degree
Never Too Clear & Sharp

All GOOVIS headsets, including G2, Pro and Young, are equipped to with 2 1920*1080p OLED displays which provide you excellent clearness and sharpness by having 42 Pixels Per Degree (PPD) while headsets from most other brands only have less than 20 PPD.

1 OLED Screen for Each Eye
= A Giant 800" Virtual Screen

Instead of spending US$3499 to get a SONY 65" OLED TV, why not just spend US$699 to get a GOOVIS Young with TWO SONY OLED screens that can provide you an 800" Virtual Screen?
It's not that difficult to make a decision!

Glass Free & Eyesight Protection

No need to wear glasses because all GOOVIS headsets have diopter and inter-pupillary distance adjustments.

We also offer customizations for Astigmatic Lens.


Comparison Chart 

1-Year Warranty with 24hrs Response

Feel free to contact GOOVIS Team: if you have any question.