GOOVIS Pro-2021(P2)個人移動影院
GOOVIS Pro-2021(P2)個人移動影院
GOOVIS Pro-2021(P2)個人移動影院
GOOVIS Pro-2021(P2)個人移動影院
GOOVIS Pro-2021(P2)個人移動影院
GOOVIS Pro-2021(P2)個人移動影院
  • 將圖像加載到圖庫查看器中,GOOVIS Pro-2021(P2)個人移動影院
  • 將圖像加載到圖庫查看器中,GOOVIS Pro-2021(P2)個人移動影院
  • 將圖像加載到圖庫查看器中,GOOVIS Pro-2021(P2)個人移動影院
  • 將圖像加載到圖庫查看器中,GOOVIS Pro-2021(P2)個人移動影院
  • 將圖像加載到圖庫查看器中,GOOVIS Pro-2021(P2)個人移動影院
  • 將圖像加載到圖庫查看器中,GOOVIS Pro-2021(P2)個人移動影院

GOOVIS Pro-2021(P2)個人移動影院

船運 結賬時計算。

  • 生動的顯示質量:藍光 3D 高分辨率。雙定制 AM-OLED 顯示屏可從 66' (20M) 遠的地方觀看,帶來令人驚嘆的 800 英寸虛擬屏幕體驗。就像坐在您私人 IMAX 影院的中心一樣,擁有 3147PPI 和 113% SRGB 色彩超精細畫質。更非凡的 3D 效果為您帶來身臨其境和逼真的影院體驗。圖像密度是 Apple iPhone 12 Pro 顯示屏的 9 倍,210 萬 (1920*1080) 像素塞進 0.49 英寸。

  • 即插即用:同步電源設計和無損音質非常適合玩遊戲和看電影。使用 HDMI 線,GOOVIS Pro 可以直接連接到您的筆記本電腦、PC、顯示器、控制台等。包裝盒隨附的帶 USB 的 HDMI 電纜可讓您輕鬆將 GOOVIS 連接到手機和平板電腦。

  • 便攜舒適:主體總重量僅為 200 克(7.05 盎司),讓您盡情享受 FHD 虛擬巨幕,無需擔心重量帶來的疲勞。可調節頭帶使顯示器更貼近臉部,提供更舒適的佩戴體驗。

  • 定制處方鏡片:支持可調瞳距;緊湊、輕便,適合長期佩戴舒適;還支持0~-8.00D之間的近視和0~+3.00D之間的遠視。雙 M-OLED 顯示屏可降低您對短波藍光的照射,幫助您的眼睛在長時間使用時不會感到疲倦和疲勞。

  • GOOVIS Pro-2021 P2包括: GOOVIS頭戴式顯示器*1、帶USB的HDMI線(A型)-0.5M*1 、可調節頭帶*1、便攜包*1、清潔布*1和說明書。

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jayden Wilkins
can you play all android games on this and how

if u can play android games on it can u use the media player remote or do u have to use r phone or a controller

Ulises Becerra Jr
Cinema Display - Literally

A good sharp and clear Cinema Display, sadly you cannot zoom in for a more up close view, it’s just like sitting on the top row of an IMAX Theater, good for what it is and not that immersive as you might think. Still a good product although it’s hard to justify that $999 dollar price tag, it’s worth $700 in my opinion.

Sean Ferguson
Plastic Pivot Concern

So I Had a G2 and Two Pros, very great products… but It has one major drawback and that is with the plastic pivot connecting the head cushion to the Cinego. I would love to give this product 5 stars if I could, but I had the pivot snap on me three times with the G2 and both Pros. I feel like you should really consider making the pivot metal so this does not happen again, or any potential customer in the future. We are buying a $1000+ product and the quality of it should show through it’s durability.
Please Goovis I beg of you; make the pivot metal and and long lasting!!

Alexander Gutman
Excellent piece of hardware

My expectations were met. The high quality of the product fully corresponds to the advertising descriptions. It is a lightweight, comfortable, compact headset ideal for watching 3D movies. I have a slightly asymmetrical face, and one of my eyes sees worse than the other. With independent adjustment of the interpupillary distance for each eye and the focal length for each lens, this headset feels like a custom made for me. Fastening on the forehead with elastic straps is a great idea to get rid of any discomfort. Plus a quiet fan, high-quality picture and perfect stereoscopy. Excellent piece of hardware. Thank you.

Needs many improvements

Nosepiece isn't very comfortable. Smell of the headpads makes me nauseous. I wish the headpads were removable and made of more organic material like hemp / cotton. I wish the HDMI cable was removable. I wish the projected image wouldn't follow my head movement (imagine going to a theater, and the entire screen moves wherever you move your head, even with the slightest movement). I wish there wasn't a $100 fee to return the unit. Maybe it will work for you, but I'm just informing you of my experience.


GOOVIS Pro is our premium product for the best cinematic experience. Be anywhere and plug-in to your phone, computer, console, or more to live immersed in big-screen quality entertainment with a head-mounted display no bigger than a pair of ski goggles. It's our most comfortable HMD yet, with brilliant color and twin 1920 X 1080 M-OLED display for an astonishing 800" virtual screen experience viewed from 66' away.

Enjoy Contents Like Never Before

With an 800" Virtual Screen, GOOVIS makes you feel like sitting in the center of a cinema, playing games, watching movies.

Enjoy your own private cinema on airplane and at home.

2D 3D 2K 4K Blu-ray Video Formats All Covered

GOOVIS Pro supports 2D and 3D videos from 2K to Blu-ray for a premium experience.

42 Pixels Per Degree
Never Too Clear & Sharp

All GOOVIS headsets, including G2, Pro and Young, are equipped to with 2 1920*1080p OLED displays which provide you excellent clearness and sharpness by having 42 Pixels Per Degree (PPD) while headsets from most other brands only have less than 20 PPD.

1 OLED Screen for Each Eye
= A Giant 800" Virtual Screen

Instead of spending US$3499 to get a SONY 65" OLED TV, why not just spend US$699 to get a GOOVIS Young with TWO SONY OLED screens that can provide you an 800" Virtual Screen?
It's not that difficult to make a decision!

Glass Free & Eyesight Protection

No need to wear glasses because all GOOVIS headsets have diopter and inter-pupillary distance adjustments.

We also offer customizations for Astigmatic Lens.


Comparison Chart 

1-Year Warranty with 24hrs Response

Feel free to contact GOOVIS Team: if you have any question.