GOOVIS Cast + PowerBank 底座
GOOVIS Cast + PowerBank 底座
GOOVIS Cast + PowerBank 底座
GOOVIS Cast + PowerBank 底座
GOOVIS Cast + PowerBank 底座
  • 將圖像加載到圖庫查看器中,GOOVIS Cast + PowerBank 底座
  • 將圖像加載到圖庫查看器中,GOOVIS Cast + PowerBank 底座
  • 將圖像加載到圖庫查看器中,GOOVIS Cast + PowerBank 底座
  • 將圖像加載到圖庫查看器中,GOOVIS Cast + PowerBank 底座
  • 將圖像加載到圖庫查看器中,GOOVIS Cast + PowerBank 底座

GOOVIS Cast + PowerBank 底座

船運 結賬時計算。

  • 隨時隨地演員。無線的。便攜和不插電
  • GOOVIS Wireless Cast 支持 Type-C 和 HDMI。將您的最愛擴展到兩個顯示器,享受高效工作、流暢的小組會議、社交分享等!
  • 2.4G+5G雙頻技術,帶寬大,抗干擾。
  • GOOVIS無線投屏支持802.11 ac協議,保證根據信號強度進行流暢的雙頻切換。更高的圖像質量,更穩定和快速的無飛濺數據傳輸。

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Marco Plumanns
Bestimmt gut...

An sich ein geniales produkt, super leicht und funktionierte exakt zwei mal, dann machte es komische geräusche ubd vom support/ kundenservice reagierte niemand auf meine emails und es gab keine hilfe.....schade, denn war viel geld

ivano colussi
goovis pro 4k


Reynaldo Castro

GOOVIS Cast + PowerBank Base

Wan Mohd Faizal Wan Zainus
Love it!!!

I use Goovis Cast + PowerBank Base with my Rokid Air. It is very useful as I can walk around while having my meeting in AR mode, without tethering to my laptop. If use with my phone, I can continue to charge my phone when needed. That is why I love it so much.

Jim Bailey

The Groovis & Power bank is a great solution for mobile portability. Coupled with the Rokid Air glasses you have a Bright, clear disable, decident sound, a very comfortable fit, unique foccus per eye. So if you are using an Android phone or Windows/Linux PC you are good to go. If you are even thinking about using it with an Apple device don't. Even the build in HDMI input doesn't appear to support HDCP, which leave this great tech hobbled and ruined on any Apple platform. On Apple you will NOT be able to video any purchased videos, or stream content on any paid platforms such as NetFlix (technically you can but you will have a blank screen with only audio).

While Apple is a very proprietary company, HDCP has been around since 2004 and support by many competing companies including Apple. Hopefully their next release may bring this. If you are an Android user dig in and enjoy, if you are an Apple user look for something else.

GOOVIS Wireless Cast

Dive into your immersive journey with GOOVIS Cast without carrying tangled wires and power supplies! 

Cast wirelessly, vision freely.

The integrated exclusive Type-C reinforced power supply design with the GOOVIS Powerbank Base: No power cables are needed anymore.

Perfect Fit with GOOVIS HMD

Exclusive Type-C enhanced power supply design integrated with GOOVIS Powerbank Base: no need for a power cord.

On-the-go Cast. Wireless. Portable 

2.4G+5G dual-frequency technology, large bandwidth, anti-interference. GOOVIS Wireless Cast supports 802.11 ac protocol to ensure smooth dual-frequency switching based on signal strength. Higher image quality, more stable and faster data transmission, no splashes.

Smartcolor 3.0 Display Processing Engine

GOOVIS Wireless Cast supports Type-C and HDMI. Extend your favorites to two displays and enjoy efficient work, smooth group meetings, social sharing, etc.

  • Brand: GOOVIS
  • WiFi: 2.4G/ 5G 802.11ac 
  • Output resolution: 1080P@60fps 
  • Video output interface: HDMI + Type-C 
  • Power interface: DC 5V/2A (Type-C) 
  • Product size: 87 (L) x 61 (W)x 10 (H) mm 
  • Product weight: 56g

1-Year Warranty with 24hrs Response

Feel free to contact GOOVIS Team: if you have any question.