GOOVIS Pro Personal Mobile Cinema - GOOVIS Shop
GOOVIS Pro Personal Mobile Cinema - GOOVIS Shop
GOOVIS Pro Personal Mobile Cinema - GOOVIS Shop
GOOVIS Pro Personal Mobile Cinema - GOOVIS Shop
GOOVIS Pro Personal Mobile Cinema - GOOVIS Shop
  • ギャラリービューアに画像を読み込み、GOOVIS Pro Personal Mobile Cinema - GOOVIS Shop
  • ギャラリービューアに画像を読み込み、GOOVIS Pro Personal Mobile Cinema - GOOVIS Shop
  • ギャラリービューアに画像を読み込み、GOOVIS Pro Personal Mobile Cinema - GOOVIS Shop
  • ギャラリービューアに画像を読み込み、GOOVIS Pro Personal Mobile Cinema - GOOVIS Shop
  • ギャラリービューアに画像を読み込み、GOOVIS Pro Personal Mobile Cinema - GOOVIS Shop

GOOVIS Pro(P2)パーソナルモバイルシネマ


🎦 800インチのバーチャルジャイアントスクリーンを体験

🤩 2つのSony OLEDディスプレイ1920 X 1080、3147 PPII)

👀 ガラスフリー 視度調整付き

👏 2D、3D、2K、4K、8K、Blue-Rayすべて互換

🔍 42で超シャープでクリア度あたりのピクセル

Customer Reviews

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P2 Cinema

In a feedback to your mail request have to confirm that I had no chance yet to evaluate the product otself because it was just released by the customs today and I haven't received it yet alltough it was shipped a few weeks ago. No issues to you as youbhave shipped in time. As soon as I will be able to evaluate it will let you know.

Avoid At All Costs

This product caused me physical pain it was so uncomfortable. I tried all of the recommended fixes to resolve this issue but wasn't able to. The company refuses a return/ refund and so I'm stuck with a $700 paper weight.

영문이라 좀 힘들네요

GOOVIS D3 Portable Media Player The korean subtitles are not compatible in terms of operation.
GOOVIS Pro (P2) Personal Mobile Cinema The screen looks smaller than I thought.
번역기로 한거라 많이 틀린지 모르겠네요 일단 멀티 플레이로 플레이할경우 한글자막이 안나오네요 제가 사용을 못해 그러면 자세한 설명서좀 부탁드립니다
또한 생각보다 화면이 작게 느껴지네요 75인치에서 80인치로 보이긴하지만 제 생각엔 못해도 100-150인치 정도로 보이면 좋겠네요 사람마다 틀리지만 150인치에서 기능 넣어 작게도 볼수이게 기능을 넣으면면 더 좋을것같네요


Got mine in 24hrs. Love my goovis pro, I really enjoyed it. This product was amazing, definitely recommend it to everyone. Thanks goovis team, keep up the good work.


GOOVIS Pro is our premium product for the best cinematic experience. Be anywhere and plug-in to your phone, computer, console, or more to live immersed in big-screen quality entertainment with a head-mounted display no bigger than a pair of ski goggles. It's our most comfortable HMD yet, with brilliant color and twin 1920 X 1080 M-OLED display for an astonishing 800" virtual screen experience viewed from 66' away.

Enjoy Contents Like Never Before

With an 800" Virtual Screen, GOOVIS makes you feel like sitting in the center of a cinema, playing games, watching movies.

Enjoy your own private cinema on airplane and at home.

2D 3D 2K 4K Blu-ray Video Formats All Covered

GOOVIS Pro supports 2D and 3D videos from 2K to Blu-ray for a premium experience.

Doctor image

Don't You Want An 800" Screen Personal Cinema?

Wear GOOVIS at home and anywhere! 

42 Pixels Per Degree
Never Too Clear & Sharp

All GOOVIS headsets, including G2, Pro and Young, are equipped to with 2 1920*1080p OLED displays which provide you excellent clearness and sharpness by having 42 Pixels Per Degree (PPD) while headsets from most other brands only have less than 20 PPD.

1 OLED Screen for Each Eye
= A Giant 800" Virtual Screen

Instead of spending US$3499 to get a SONY 65" OLED TV, why not just spend US$699 to get a GOOVIS Young with TWO SONY OLED screens that can provide you an 800" Virtual Screen?
It's not that difficult to make a decision!

Glass Free & Eyesight Protection

No need to wear glasses because all GOOVIS headsets have diopter and inter-pupillary distance adjustments.

We also offer customizations for Astigmatic Lens.

Enjoy Contents Like Never Before

GOOVIS Young can be connected to your phone. Nevertheless, Apps can be downloaded and installed in aLL GOOVIS Media Players.

Unboxing Reviews & Testimonials

Josh Morgan

Cinematographer @
Momentum Productions

These screens are actually sharper than any other goggle systems on the market today, including the Oculus Rift, so this allows us to get a really cinematic experience if you want to enjoy a movie at home without bothering your roommate or your family and you just wanna escape from reality a little bit.
This is a really immersive experience for you to enjoy your content!

川井浩二 / Koji Kawai

Japanese YouTube Influencer

The gold logo on the black body is very high-end. Use it to watch Youtube, the movie is very good.

After putting it on, the 800-inch screen is amazing. Use GOOVIS Pro to connect to the computer, open the FPV simulation drone software I have been using, and fly with first-person vision. It is really full of experience!

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YouTube Channel, 556K Subscribers

What I more liked about this product is, Goovis provides crystal clear imagery and creates a truly immersive cinematic experience along with 3D movie support , nintendo switch support and more.

No matter whether you are traveling or at home, you can enjoy yourself by viewing your favorite movies on an FHD large screen anywhere anytime.

Anywhere, Anytime.

Each GOOVIS headset weighs about 7.05oz (200g), just like a pair of skiing goggle. It may be the lightest headset on the market for the most comfortable experience.

Frequently Asked Question

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How to Connect GOOVIS to PS4

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How to Connect GOOVIS to SWITCH

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How to Connect GOOVIS to Drone


GOOVIS cinego + Player

Limited 20% OFF Deal

  • 1920*1080
  • 2D +3D
  • Sold with D2 Player
  • HDMI Connection
  • USD 639 (20% OFF)


Premium Experience

  • 1920*1080, 4K, Blue-Ray
  • 2D +3D
  • D3 Player Sold Separately 
  • HDMI Connection
  • USD 890

Goovis young

Universal Connectivity

  • 1920*1080
  • Only 2D
  • D3 Player Sold Separately
  • Type-C Connection
  • USD 699

1-Year Warranty with 24hrs Response

Feel free to contact GOOVIS Team: if you have any question.

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